R-Benz is a 35 Years old Arstist from Switzerland.
With his wide Range of Genres he follows a very rare Concept. "References" wich was produced within only one Week was released Friday 3rd Nov 2017

The Album "Resumé" wich continues the same Concept like his previous Album "References" is available since Friday 2nd Nov 2018

In only one Year R-Benz released three Albums (2 Studio, 1 Live Album)

On 29th March 2019 R-Benz released References & Résumé Instrumentals.

The new Single Walk Along released Friday 12th July 2019.

In 2024, with almost 3 Years delay the 3rd Studio Album (R-Benz III) is definitely gonna happen.

Two Singles off the New Album will be released in March 2024 already.

High Hopes March 8th and The Snake March 15th

Also, a Few Music Videos (7) from References, Résumé and R-Benz III will also be released this Year!

Stay tuned for the Album release Date!!

All R-Benz Music, Lyrics and Cover Artwork are Property of Kevin Arbenz. 2017-2019
©Kevin Arbenz

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